As we wave goodbye to 2020 and watch it disappear in the rearview mirror, we at Titan have huge plans for 2021!

One absolute win for us here at Titan out of the year that was 2020 was the launch of our Wealth Central platform. We will continue to build and develop this platform so that it provides you with some great insights into your financial world, invaluable information about how you stack up against other people like yourself, an interactive tool that will allow you to try and test your own strategies as well as being able to visualise your very own tailored financial strategy in a digital format. Our objective here at Titan for this year is for each and every client to have a clear and concise set of lifestyle goals and dreams, for these to be recorded and tracked in Wealth Central and to have this married with a financial strategy, which is easy to visualise in Wealth Central, tailored to help achieve these goals and dreams.

We have also revamped how we are going to partner with you in order to achieve lifestyle dreams and goals. Together with technology enhancements, we have changed the way in which we deliver advice to our clients. When you catch up with us throughout this year, you will be asked to make a choice as to whether you would like to be a Warrior or a Titan! !What does that mean I hear you ask! We have enhanced the way in which we deliver solutions to you, and with the use of technology, we are able to fine tune and be really sharp with your strategy to ensure that you are achieving the outcome that you desire.

Becoming a ‘Warrior’ will mean that you will receive those services that we have traditionally delivered such as investment portfolio management, goal setting, regular reviews, personal protection reviews etc. You will also continue to receive modelling on what the future looks like and some guidance in relation to whether you are on track to achieve those long-term goals.

If you choose to become a ‘Titan’, you will get everything that the Warrior receives as well as a comprehensive strategic review including a detailed analysis of your current cashflow position to help identify further opportunities. In addition to this you will gain access to Club Titan. We will be looking to roll out Club Titan in the first half of 2021. Club Titan is an exciting initiative that will grant access to cashflow monitoring software helping and tracking your progress in real-time against the goals that you have set out to achieve. Club Titan will also give you the ability to get cash back and make charitable donations using money that you receive by way of rebate when you make purchases from thousands of merchants who are participants in the Doing Good Rewards program. Within the platform there will also be education material and a Financial Academy that you will gain access to. We are super excited about this program and I looking forward to sharing more detail with you.

2021 will be a big one for us here at Titan and we look forward to sharing it with you.

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