Our advice and solutions.

The advice and solutions that Titan Financial Planning provide are specifically tailored to meet our clients’ goals and objectives.

No two clients are the same and everyone has different goals and objectives depending on their own individual circumstances and lifestyle goals, and as such the financial plans we put together are purposely designed to fit in and to achieve these goals.

Whether you are after a holistic financial plan or specific advice on one aspect of your finances, we are able to build a plan to suit.

When mapping your financial future and building a solid financial plan, there are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration.

These include:

tick   Your budget and cashflow needs
tick   Superannuation
tick   Personal risk protection
tick   Your lifestyle goals
tick   Education for children
tick   Debt reduction
tick   Retirement
tick   Investment strategies
tick   Estate planning

We at Titan aim to provide direction in all of these areas. We aim to build a plan around these aspects of your life so that you can feel comfortable in knowing that you are paving the way to a solid financial future.

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Budget and cashflow

This is the cornerstone of all solid financial plans. If this part of your finances is not working than chances are that your overall plan is running the risk of derailment. When building plans, we aim to make your life simple so that both your personal budget is workable and that your account and cash flow structures are sound and easy to maintain.


Superannuation forms the main part of your retirement planning. We aim to place your investments within your superannuation to suit your investment goals and tolerance towards risk. We look to reduce risk within your super by building portfolios in such a way that the investments within super are diversified. We only use approved fund managers when diversifying your super investments.

Personal risk protection

A good risk protection strategy can provide the foundation for a solid financial plan. There are many ways to structure your personal protection. We aim to structure your personal protection plan in a way that is not detrimental to your personal budget and is most effective from a taxation perspective. We aim to provide a foundation that should the unforeseen happen, you and your family are able to live financially and maintain lifestyle as well as have the ability to maintain your current investment strategy to meet your goals.

Lifestyle goals

Identifying your lifestyle goals gives meaning to your financial plan. We help our clients identify what these goals are and implement strategies around being able to achieve these goals. Lifestyle goals can be both short and long term in nature and can be as simple as being able to take an overseas holiday every two years.

Education for children

This is a very important part of most families financial plan. This can be long term tertiary education goals or shorter term goals for private education for your children. We look at your overall goals in relation to education and work to ensure this fits with the rest of your plan.

Debt reduction

There are many effective strategies when considering debt reduction and indeed debt reduction needs to be considered in a holistic financial plan. There are many forms of debt being both ‘good’ and ‘bad’. We aim to place our clients loans appropriately and we tailor strategies to best suit clients needs. This can include strategies from straight out debt reduction to debt recycling strategies.


Retirement or as we like to term it ‘financial independence’, is the goal that is the grand piece of most financial plans. All clients have a different view on what retirement will need to look like. We create plans for clients that incorporate all other aspects of your finance life. We seek to first understand you and your financial situation before setting solid retirement goals. Once these goals are set we look to be with you on your journey, making any adjustments needed along the way.

Investment strategies

Once you have identified personal goals and retirement objectives, we tailor your investment strategy to suit these goals. We provide a plan that aims to provide strategy that fits in with your personal budget and cash flow needs. There are many, many different strategies to be considered, so it is important to understand you and your situation before making any recommendations on strategies. Strategies for your investments can incorporate many different vehicles.

Estate planning

This is a very important part of an overall financial plan and one that is often missed. Estate planning includes things such as your will, powers of attorneys, guardianships and trust structures.

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