Market Wrap January 2021

Vaccine hopes remained high Global shares rose 3.4% and fell 0.5% in hedged and unhedged terms, respectively. Global equities were weighed down by a rotation into stocks that stand to benefit from coronavirus vaccine rollouts such as oil producers. By contrast names...

Staying cyber safe this year

With the increased activity online – be it due to working from home, home schooling, or simply because we have found a great availability of engaging and interesting content and streaming services, we are online a lot more and need to consider if we are adhering to...

Trauma Cover – 3 things to know

Trauma cover 101 Trauma cover is all about supporting your recovery from a serious illness – helping you afford the treatment of your choice and allowing you to make necessary changes to your lifestyle. When you’re looking at trauma cover, there are 3 key things you...

Market Wrap – December 2020

Your market wrap for the month of December. Markets performed well over the last month across the board. Check out a snapshot in the link below Market Wrap – December 2020

October 2020 Economic Update

For a full rundown of investment markets across all sectors from around the globe, checkout our Economic Update for October in the link below. October_2020_Monthly_Economic_Wrap

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