Peter has been a dear friend of Titan for many years. We have experienced first hand the incredible work that Peter and Hands Across the Water, the charity he founded over 10 years ago, have and continue to do with some of Thailands most underprivileged children. The charity now has seven homes across Thailand.

Peter has held many positions and seen sides of humanity many of us are not exposed to. As a forensic copper, Peter worked at the cold-face of communities. Throughout his career his work landed him in places like Bali after the Bali Bombings and Thailand after the Boxing Day tsunami.

In this Podcast, Peter provides a personal insight into the drivers behind our decisions and why when you are rock bottom sometimes the only thing you have left is to help others. This podcast is part of a series called Stand Out Life. The creator of Stand Out Life is another friend of Titan, Ali Hill. Ali is not only the creator of Stand Out Life (can be found on all good podcast platforms), she is also the CEO of a cracking business called Pragmatic Thinking, an AFR Fast 100 company. We strongly recommend you follow Ali and her podcast, you won’t be disappointed!

This is a conversation that will stay with you long after listening.



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